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A life

A life

110cmX74cm. Acrylic, canvas on 1.5cm wooden frame.


A life :

Spirit, being, matter, construction and time.

The mind emerges as the creative force, weaving thoughts and ideas that sculpt our inner reality. Being, for its part, embodies our essence, the unique fabric that distinguishes us within the infinite universe.

Matter, a tangible and solid element, constitutes the physical framework which shelters our existence. It is in this envelope that our experiences unfold and the landscape of our life is drawn.

Construction, a true work in perpetual evolution, is the fruit of our choices, our actions and our relationships. Every decision shapes our destiny, erecting the walls of our individual journey.

Time orchestrates the incessant dance of our days and nights.

It sculpts the past, the present and the future, inscribing our memories and our aspirations in the great book of existence.

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