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With a little Art, it's better.

Patricia Vieira spiritual and mystical artist
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art  and  padagogy

30 years of creative experience at your service

philosophical, spiritual and mystical

- the union between thought and feeling –


With a little art, it's better.

Life takes on a richer flavor when we add personal and collective depth to it.

For art lovers, people looking to Connect or develop their sensitivity, awareness of themselves and others, and to master expression techniques in drawing and painting, you are in the right place.


By browsing this site, I invite you to explore two facets of my creative universe.


- Original and derived paintings, spiritual art

Discover my original artistic creations, available for purchase in original or reproduction format. Each work tells a unique story, imbued with the union between thought and feeling.

- Drawing and painting courses and training

Learn concrete techniques and tips (practical and psychological) that will help you become independent and fulfilled in drawing and painting. Find your unique brushstroke, your universe, overcome blockages, know how to find self-confidence, imagination, but also the work of colors, perspective, anatomy, materials, volume, styles, etc.

Immerse yourself in the world of pedagogy for creativity that I offer, whether through face-to-face courses, online training or books. My goal is to support you in your own artistic exploration, whether you are a novice or an experienced artist.



Join me on this adventure, where art transcends borders and becomes a source of inspiration and fulfillment, where every line, every color, and every teaching is a celebration of the beauty that resides everywhere and in everything, where art comes to life and is shared with the world.

little traffic; only relevant information about my activities

THE site is currently undergoing regular restructuring of communication, navigation experience, service and updating my offers in order to improve the quality of my proposals and I am also working on new artistic creations. For now, only original paintings are available, but stay tuned as new opportunities and products will be revealed during 2024.

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Mirror Warrior
Mirror Warrior
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