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As a self-taught artist with nearly 30 years of experience in the world of drawing and painting, I am passionate about sharing my know-how on the creative process, the language of spirit in matter.

How to communicate with yourself, how to maintain the creative state over time and in a stable manner, how to connect with inspiration, how to express the uniqueness of your personality in the material, understand it and assume it and what practical techniques to use to that.

My practice has been forged through years of observation, natural artistic intuition and my teaching experience as an independent teacher since 2012.



spiritual development and personal development

(questioning about Life, ...)        (emotions, sensations, mind, ...)











Since a young age, painting has responded to the call of my soul and allows me to share the magical and healing universe that is its own.
My practice comes from the intuitive, energetic, spiritual and creative areas.

With humility but awareness, I draw my strength and abilities from a long path of introspection, from the sensitivity and mastery acquired through years of intuitive work. I am an intermediary, a medium between the “invisible” and the terrestrial, between energy and matter, like a translator, I speak to you about Mechanics and Universal Consciousness.

Some more practical information, I was born in 1985 in Portugal. I experienced some social challenges as an artistic soul and this forged in me the strength to continue to be myself and to remain faithful to my inner flame, thus revealing the process of consciousness necessary for expression with matter.​


Mystical art...

This name came with time and my journey as an artist.

The artistic path is a path of oneself which can take several forms. In my case, I saw expressed in my works the existential questioning of Man in search of his interior, which paradoxically reveals the existence of a mysterious and immense grandeur where I find the answers.

Through this path, I discovered that the meaning of my art is to make the observer aware of his unconscious through sensations, emotions and feelings triggered by the works and in this way to have access to his own inner world and to the greatness of one's spirit, thus offering the opportunity for personal evolution.

Universal vibrations are expressed on each work. Faced with them, you are invited to the Awakening of forgotten vibrations to which the soul asks to reconnect in order to fully experience its incarnation.

The motivation for my work is the reconnection with one's Being through matter, an extravagant and wonderful expression of Energy.

The paintings and objects have energetic symbolism in each color, texture and shape. You don't have to think about it, you have to let yourself be carried away by opening your Heart and Mind to the spiritual opportunity existing in each element.



More concretely, more intimately, during the process of expression, I make sure to remain alert at all times in order to avoid judgment and analysis by the ego. By controlling this Consciousness, the body and mind free themselves from the mind to indulge in the service of Universal energy, like an instrument for sharing information. The brushstroke also developed at the rhythm of the Inner Path, its sole objective being to best translate the impalpable.

My practice therefore evolves with time, experiences and the call of the soul. Energy evolves, guides, protects, heals, liberates. I firmly believe that only our mind can limit our skills and results. We all have a soul, if we allow it to develop, it will guide us towards realization. It's all about Will, Listening, Patience and Discipline.
Despite any objective way of talking about my work, I hold on to the little parenthesis of the Heart. This Call to which I respond is deep, complete and sincere. With all my Being I Live It. It is a real choice of the Heart, of the soul, of that little voice that wants us well. I wish you all a Path towards Realization and Peace of your Being, so that this earthly journey is Rich, so that it is what it should be.
Here, I send everyone a huge Thank you for all these exchanges, past or future, full of Trust and Sincerity.


Technically, his work uses a significant variety of styles and can fit into a palette between the trends of symbolism, abstract, expressionism, spiritual art or even visionary art.
The artist's line must remain open, unreal so that we can enter the dimension of vibration, energy and the unconscious.
A creation between the Artist and the Universe which leaves enough room for everyone to recognize themselves.

The smallest detail of each painting is symbolic and has its own reason for being. The artist offers the discovery of oneself and other dimensions of existence through his works.

Like a puzzle, each piece discovered and felt will bring the final richness of the work. If one is missing, the puzzle loses its message. A work is only complete when the observer is curious enough to let it reveal itself in its entirety.

Look at each painting and let yourself be carried away by the sensations that spontaneously arise from it, let yourself be guided by each color, texture and shape, dare to associate them symbolically and enter the dance to become one with the work. That it can speak through us and that we speak through it, in the subtlety of energies.

Blend in, welcome and evolve.

text Maureen Russo

spiritual artist  - Awakening  of soul

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Founder and responsible for the activities of the PAVAMA association

Founder and responsible for the activities of the PAVAMA association

In my quest to share art and promote a sense of community, I am realizing my aspirations through a non-profit association. This initiative goes beyond simple artistic transmission. It aims to create a real ecosystem of mutual aid by actively participating in the professional life of artists in the region where the association takes root.

Our goal is twofold: to share art in all its diversity and to provide concrete opportunities for local artists.

We believe in the positive impact that art can have on a community, and we set up paid mandates to financially support local talent.

Join us in this adventure where art becomes a vector of sharing, collaboration and artistic prosperity for all.



Some notions ...

Patricia Vieira, philosophical, mystical, spiritual and energetic artist, what does that mean?

Philosophical: can manifest through pictorial works that symbolically represent philosophical concepts, such as paintings exploring the duality of existence or visual compositions questioning the nature of reality.

Mystical: creating a language between spirit and matter, for example, through symbolism.

Spiritual: philosophy of life which aims for inner harmony.

Energetic: use the characteristics of each element to create healing synergies or other purposes.


Mysticism aims at the union between the incarnate Being and its divine.

"Mysticism or mysticism is what relates to mysteries, to hidden or secret things. The term relates mainly to the spiritual domain, and serves to qualify or designate interior experiences of the order of contact or communication with a transcendent reality not discernible by common sense." source Wikipedia

"The notion of spirituality (from the ecclesiastical Latin spiritualitas) today has different meanings depending on the context of its use. It is conventionally linked, in the West, to religion in the perspective of the human being in relation to superior beings (gods, demons) and the salvation of the soul.

It relates, from a philosophical point of view, to the opposition of matter and spirit (see body-mind problem) or even interiority and exteriority. It qualifies the activity of the mind as it relates to itself, separately from what it is not or no longer is. Consequently, everything that is related to the nature of spirit is understood as spiritual. It announces spiritualism.

It also designates the quest for meaning, hope or liberation and the approaches associated with it (initiations, rituals, personal development, New Age). It can also, and more recently, be understood as dissociated from religion or faith in a God, to the point of evoking a “spirituality without religion” or a “spirituality without god”.” source Wikipedia


Artistic pedagogy refers to all educational methods, approaches and practices specifically dedicated to the teaching of visual arts, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, music, dance, theater, and more. other forms of artistic expression. It aims to develop creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, technical skills and critical understanding of students or learners in the artistic field.

Art pedagogy encompasses various strategies, such as encouraging experimentation, stimulating observation, promoting personal expression, and exploring different artistic techniques and styles.


It seeks to create an educational environment that promotes individual development, while encouraging sharing, collaboration, and communication through art.

This teaching can be aimed at all levels, from beginners to experienced artists, and can be provided in a school, academic, associative context, or even through online courses.


The ultimate goal of art pedagogy is to develop a deep appreciation of art, encourage individual creativity, and enable learners to express themselves artistically in authentic ways.

“Start weaving, the Universe will give you thread.” unknown

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