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The void
  • The void

    Acrylic, cotton canvas on 1.5cm wooden frame

    80cm x 80cm



    Freedom, Will, Choice, Trust, Acceptance and Movement. Without the ground touching the feet, the comfort zone left, another place is considered.


    Jumping into the future is defying the gravity of doubts and fears, it is throwing yourself into the unknown with courage and confidence as your parachute.

    It is a dance between the ground and the sky, where the act of jumping becomes the metaphor of a deep desire. The feet leave solid ground, but the mind takes off towards unexplored horizons. Everyone has a choice: jump with the certainty of the ground beneath their feet, fall with grace and rise stronger, or, perhaps, fly towards dreams that

    transcend reality.

    It's a ballet between risk and reward, a symphony where the heart beats to the rhythm of discovery. To dare to jump is to embrace the possibility that each moment can be a flight towards transformation, the creation of one's own destiny.

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