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The paradox of Light
  • The paradox of Light

    30cmX70cm. Acrylic, cotton canvas on 1.5cm wooden frame.


    The paradox of Light

    In humanity's desperate quest for symbolic light, an instinctive fascination emerges. Light, an irresistible attraction, is seen as a miraculous escape, the ultimate goal.

    However, it is crucial to recognize that this search for clarity would lose its depth without shadow, because it is in the contrast that its full meaning is taken.

    Under the luminous shine, our vulnerability is exposed, revealing a
    fragility exposed. Clarity, while beautiful, reaches its peak by exposing darkness.

    Thus, in this perpetual dance between light and shadow, the complex fabric of our existence and evolution is woven.

    It is in the shadows that our contours take shape, and it is in the light that our essence is revealed. The quest for light then becomes a journey illuminated by the subtle nuances of contrast, sculpting the beauty of our human experience.

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